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Vile Isle Announcement.jpeg

VILE ISLE at the Tank (Core Production)

Written by Justin Halle
Directed by Spencer Whale
Co-Produced by Most Unwanted


In seven days the world will end by Flood—at least according to drag queen Lizzie Fine, who receives a frightening prophecy of Old Testament proportions. Meanwhile, a gaggle of gay "chosen family" considers unchoosing each other. Nathan the Demon Twink seeks transcendence through Kabbalah (and Adderall), Christopher bravely transitions (into a DJ), and Gnocchi the Cat WILL be Bat Mitzvah'd, God willing. Vile Isle is a precocious and party-fueled dark comedy about how we fail and forgive one another and what faith is worth when our limits are existentially tested.

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KIN with Making Our Space Theatre Co.

Written by Bathsheba Doran
Directed by Spencer Whale

DECEMBER 2024 at the Chain Theater

Anna, a Texan Ivy League poetry scholar, and Sean, an Irish personal trainer, hardly seem destined for one another. But as their web of family and friends crosses distances both psychological and geographical, an unlikely new family is forged. Bathsheba Doran’s play sheds a sharp light on the changing face of kinship in the expansive landscape of the modern world.

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